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Sousaphone History, by Ian Church: Sousaphone-ologist
By Ian Church: Sousaphone-ologist Preface I have a great interest – some may say an obsession – in sousaphones, in particular those that are considered jumbos. After playing a C. G. Conn 20K in the [...]

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Jazz trumpeter Brad Goode’s 4th album “TIGHT LIKE THIS”
Jazz trumpeter/composer Brad Goode debuts his exciting new quartet on Tight Like This, Goode’s fourth Delmark Records CD and his twelfth as a leader. Click here to order “Tight Like This” The Chicago native has [...]

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Your voice and brass playing
By Michael Barkley: Your Voice While the question of your voice is almost inextricably linked with your identity I will focus mainly on the aspects of playing, sound, gigging and leave the issue of personal [...]

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Ben van Dijk – Bass Trombone – New CD – Never Alone
By Ben Van Dijk Proudly I present you my fourth solo bass trombone CD. For this recording I have sought for the ultimate diversity in both musical styles and instrumentation. You will hear seven [...]

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Vision, Artistry and Music
I have recently been thinking about deeper meanings in music; how abstract playing an instrument is to making meaningful music. Alliteration aside… Glenn Gould’s beautiful performance of J.S. Bach’s Goldberg Variations spurred my mind into [...]

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By Ryan Parsons If you are a trombone player, I don’t think it will be possible to not like Bonerama. I stumbled across them on WNCW near Blowing Rock, NC and downloaded their album “Bringing [...]

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Claude Gordon – Systematic Approach is a blog that shows a developing trumpeter using the systematic approach to practice taught by Claude Gordon and Herbert L. Clarke to naturally discover the knack of trumpet playing. David Roberts is a comeback [...]

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Embouchure Rehabilitation and Broken Embouchures
Lucinda Lewis has been the principal horn of the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra since 1977, and is the author of “Broken Embouchures” and “Embouchure Rehabilitation” Broken Embouchures is a comprehensive guide to the performance injuries [...]

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