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Critical Listening Part 1: Hearing vs. Listening
I began this article with several topics and sub-categories that I wanted to address, but after writing some and seeing how expansive the topics that I wanted to cover were, I have decided to make [...]

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Crown tooth and brass playing
By Mark Quinn: The crown tooth represents the key to physiological development for beginning instrument players. It is vital for a beginning player’s development that from the onset the student to be able to [...]

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Trombone slide technique
by Brad Howland How to hold the slide, move it fast, find the positions, and play in tune. Holding It The best way to hold the slide brace is a matter of some debate among [...]

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The young student
There are several perspectives regarding the young student, and I will aim to address all of them. Indeed much of this information is applicable to most students, young, old, experienced and inexperienced, but my main [...]

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Limited Edition Maynard Ferguson Prints
By John Barclay: As with many other trumpet players, Maynard Ferguson was my idol. While I could not play like Maynard, (who can) I was able to annoy my parents numerous times playing along [...]

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Groove Bone Radio – Trombone internet radio
Groove Bone Radio is a internet radio dedicated to the trombone! The radio show features the trombone on jazz small group and big band, Latin jazz, and funk/rock recordings. It was created by trombonist, bandleader, [...]

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This is your brain on jazz
Johns Hopkins Medicine Media Relations and Public Affairs Media Contact: Christen Brownlee THIS IS YOUR BRAIN ON JAZZ: RESEARCHERS USE MRI TO STUDY SPONTANEITY, CREATIVITY A pair of Johns Hopkins and government scientists have [...]

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Brad and Elliot Mason: “TWO SIDES, ONE STORY”
The Mason Brothers—trumpeter Brad and trombonist Elliot—have been making music together since they were kids in Norwich, England. Both came to America in the early 1990s on scholarships to Boston’s Berklee College of Music and, [...]

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By Michael Barkley: Tone This is another area which I have touched upon in the previous posts. In this entry I hope to offer exercises, mental approaches and physical conditions which enable the production [...]

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