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EEb Tuba + Saxophone Mouthpiece + Jim Gourlay =
During a tuba lesson between James Gourlay and my youngest brother, Andrew Barkley (seated behind Jim), Professor Hellawell (Head of Composition at Queens’ University, Belfast) suggested that Jim try the EEb tuba with a baritone [...]

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Terry Johns – French horn player, composer
Terry Johns is renowned as one of the world’s finest French Horn players and was a member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and the London Symphony Orchestra. He has been heard by literally millions of [...]

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Bill Adam, and Fired Up for 5 Trumpets!
By David Roth of Let me tell you about Bill Adam. If, in the last five decades, you have listened to the radio, purchased a recording, watched television, gone to the movies, seen a [...]

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The Problem of Noisy Orchestras
by Alice Lagnado What kind of music damages the ears? Hard rock, most people would think, as they sigh at the tinny noise pumping through their neighbour’s cheap earphones on the Piccadilly Line. Even obsessive [...]

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Charlie Parker interview
Bird shedded. A LOT. I hope this makes you feel as humble as it makes me feel!! WOW! A transcript from the full recording (which I do not have): Source: C.P.= Charlie Parker P.D.= [...]

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Section playing #1: Big band trumpet
I am writing a series of short articles on what I believe to be good section playing in many contexts, and as I have stumbled upon some fabulous big band clips today, I shall start [...]

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Know your limitations
Know your limitations By Michael Barkley: Playing a brass instrument requires an air pressure to be generated, and when we tense up and over-blow it is inevitable that we invite the valsalva manoeuvre in which we [...]

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