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Shop Talk: The low-down on instrument repair & maintenance
Here’s hoping that there are at least a few people out there that are as mystified by instrument repair as I am. I’ve never been a gadget person and when it comes to repairs, I [...]

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3 Rehearsal Techniques for Double Tonguing
Brass players use double tonguing to play notes faster than a normal articulation will allow, incorporating the syllable “ka” from the middle of the tongue. Many players incorporate double tongue exercises in their daily practice [...]

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Stage Presence
Stage presence, and the larger issue of representing oneself as an artist, are two things which I think definitely should be covered as part of a musician’s education. However, this education doesn’t always have to [...]

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Paul Emmett – Interview
Okay – so I’m going to get the ball rolling and interview myself! Bit strange – I kept having to swap chairs and ended up getting a little bit dizzy, but I got there in [...]

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James Boldin – Guest Contributor
My name is James Boldin, and I am an Assistant Professor of Horn at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where I teach applied horn and music history courses, and perform with the Chamber Arts [...]

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Raquel Jimenez – BrassMusician
Disclaimer: I am not a member of Genghis Barbie. Yes I’m female and yes I play horn, but for better or for worse the similarities end there! I am a classically trained hornist and graduate [...]

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How to Prepare for Studio Recording
Playing for a studio recording is a whole different animal for a brass player than playing for practice or live performance. No matter what genre you are playing, many considerations must be made while preparing [...]

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7 & 5?
Sergei has been described as the “Paganini of the trumpet”. He is one of the greatest masters of the instrument to ever have lived and I urge you to listen to his recordings and concerts. [...]

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Playing changes with… Wynton Marsalis
Here’s another in our Playing Changes series, this time with legend, Wynton [...]

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Is bigger better? I see a little movement towards the smaller-bore horns ever since Roger Ingram and Malcolm McNab joined Jupiter and created some fabulous instruments. This article is by way of clarifying a little information regarding [...]

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