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How to prepare for a pit show
This is similar in nature to the ‘how to prepare for a gig’ post, with a couple other anecdotes and some more specific requirements. How to prepare for a pit show. Have you ever had [...]

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Announcement: Orchestral Excerpt Library for Brass Musicians
Attention Brass Musicians! As you may have already noticed, we’ve recently added an Excerpt Library to the site. We’re excited to host orchestral excerpts from the trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba repertoire and are [...]

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Apophenia: Wind band music by Peter Meechan
Apophenia is the first volume of Peter Meechan’s music for wind band, and is performed by the award winning Kew Wind Orchestra, conducted by Spencer Down. The high energy title track is given a stunning [...]

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Don’t Miss “Dudamel: Let the Children Play” Premiere Event!
Beginning with just eleven children in a garage in Caracas, Jose Antonio Abreu’s passion for music and dedication to children and community service now engages hundreds of thousands of youth in over a hundred and [...]

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Melodic Flexibility: An easier way to better playing
By Bruce Chidester When something is accepted as new, others may point out that this revolutionary concept has been around for decades. With this in mind, I would like to say that what I am [...]

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How to Leadpipe Buzz on the trumpet
Leadpipe buzzing is beneficial as a means to find a resonance in your tone as well as to locate the feel when slotting a pitch. Here are 7 simple steps: 1. Remove your tuning slide [...]

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Starting a Student Brass Quintet (For Teachers): Part 2 of 2
Budgets being what they are, your resources for starting a quintet are likely limited. In order to keep things practical, I’ve come up with five areas that I feel a quintet should work on, and [...]

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Starting a Student Brass Quintet (For Teachers): Part 1 of 2
A crucial component of a musical education is participation in chamber music. Whether this be a brass or woodwind quintet, a jazz combo, a trumpet trio, a tuba ensemble, or something else, there is so [...]

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Tips for Playing in Tune
Playing in tune is one of the most important things for any musician to focus on while playing. A brass player who plays out of tune will inevitably sound bad, no matter how good their [...]

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In With The Old
As brass musicians, we often lament our short history, and the supposed corresponding deficiency of old music and instruments, particularly when compared to that of strings, piano, and even woodwinds. “They have hundreds of years [...]

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