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The Horn Handbook: Quotes
Get the book here! One reference text I keep coming back to is The Horn Handbook, by Verne Reynolds. One of my favorite chapters is the last one, “Teaching the Horn.” Below are some of [...]

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Learning to listen
Strong listening skills are extremely important for both performers and educators. Try some of the following exercises to aid in developing your ability to listen actively. You can practice active listening almost anywhere, and the [...]

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Alexander Technique and Horn Playing
The Alexander Technique is just one among several mind/body disciplines which can be of great benefit to performing musicians. Having had personal experience with Alexander Technique, I thought it would make a good blog topic. [...]

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Tubas become horns of plenty – by Sam Quinones
Fidel Bernabe, a talented trumpeter in Mexico, is among the brass band musicians who are part of Southern California’s ‘tuba revolution.’ They’re showing their chops on an instrument whose ‘thunk thunk’ attracts dance-minded partygoers. By [...]

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Which note should I start my trills on?
Just imagine – you’ve spent countless hours practicing your lip trills, starting slowly and speeding up, and practicing “flips” so that you can begin a trill immediately – you are now ready to play these [...]

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Bremner Sshhmute (practice mute)
The kind folks at Bremner Music have allowed me the chance to test one of their trumpet Sshhmutes – 2 S’s, 2 h’s and the word mute… reminding myself to spell it correctly! However you [...]

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Performing solo: Where do you stand?
Based on the title, you might think that this post would involve some sort of philosophical discussion about the nature of playing solos…actually it’s much more literal than that.  Knowing where to stand (or sit) [...]

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Humes and Berg Practice Mutes
Firstly; a big ‘thank-you’ to Irwin at the Humes and Berg company for giving me the chance to test 3 practice mutes. They are indeed very fine, and are all individual and offer advantages to [...]

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RIP Nigel Gomm, LSO trumpeter
We are saddened to hear of another loss to the brass community; it has been a year of losses, however, their character, lessons, performances and recordings will stay with us. Nigel, 3rd trumpet for the [...]

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