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The Feldenkrais Method
A while back I posted on the potential benefits of the Alexander Technique for horn playing, and as a follow up this post will consider the Feldenkrais Method, or as it is known today, The [...]

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Chord intonation
I picked up a great one page handout showing exactly where each note of a chord needs to be in order to be perfectly in tune according to just intonation. The handout is constructed to [...]

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Three Bad Habits to Break as a Beginning Brass Player
As beginning players form the skills necessary to play brass instruments, they can get into a range of bad habits, that if go unfixed, can lead to serious playing problems later in their career. It [...]

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Stonehenge: an ancient sound system?
According to an article published in the Guardian on February 16, 2012, an American scientist believes that the standing stones of Stonehenge are placed so as to reproduce an auditory interference pattern. This type of [...]

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