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Sergei has been described as the “Paganini of the trumpet”. He is one of the greatest masters of the instrument to ever have lived and I urge you to listen to his recordings and concerts. To call his ability phenomenal would do it a disservice. Anyway, the point of this short entry:

Play 7 minutes and rest for 5. Simple!

A tip for practising, from Sergei Nakariakov’s philosophy of practice (or his father’s), to play 7 minutes and rest for 5. The reasoning is simple; most solo pieces are around 7 minutes, the 5 minute rest allows for recuperation and allows you to have 5, 12 minute (7 on, 5 off) sessions per hour. There is a lovely symmetry and logic to this, I am going to try it.

Visit: http://www.nakariakov.com/

3 Responses to “7 & 5?”

  1. Simple but elegant. I love it!

  2. Jon Gorrie says:

    When you’re in the flow, it’s so easy to just keep on going, even if you’re tired “I’ll just play through this once more” :) But using this 7 & 5 approach (and I guess having a clock or stopwatch nearby), you make sure you rest as much as you play, more or less.

    Great tip!

  3. Craig Breighner says:

    Many have told me to rest as much as I play — even the great Rafael Mendez, himself — but who can argue with success? Nakariakov is one of the most complete trumpet virtuosi I have heard in my lifetime and, again, I was fortunate enough to have heard live Mendez performances two or three times during my early development as a musician. I’m willing to give this 7-5 thing a try.

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