Kyle M Bagley
Kyle M Bagley
I began my brass career in the Rhode Island suburbs playing in school bands at the age of 11. After years of changing instruments to keep up with my wandering musical interests, I decided to pursue a career in education.

Attending Berklee College of Music in Boston enabled me to focus on trombone performance while enhancing my skills across the brass family. I graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and a focus in jazz performance.

Since college, I have been playing trombone throughout the east coast in a diverse group of bands, as well as teaching privately and working as a recording engineer. My website includes audio and video samples of my performances.
Articles by Kyle M Bagley
Three Bad Habits to Break as a Beginning Brass Player
By Kyle M Bagley
As beginning players form the skills necessary to play brass instruments, they can get into a range of bad habits, that if go unfixed, can lead to serious playing problems later in their career. It [...]

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Tips for Practicing With a Metronome
By Kyle M Bagley
Why Use A Metronome? Using a metronome to keep the beat while you practice can benefit your playing in many ways. The most important reason is that its always right. Musicians, even the best musicians, [...]

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Tips For Transcribing Music
By Kyle M Bagley
Transcribing songs from a recording is a great way for brass players to learn new music. Studying another musician’s solo teaches you not just the notes they played but the style, articulation, phrasing, and many [...]

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How to Prepare for Tour
By Kyle M Bagley
A working brass player fulfills many roles in the modern music scene. Many players will be studio musicians and touring artists for one group on top of being a private teacher, solo performer, or composer [...]

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Trombone Slide Care and Products
By Kyle M Bagley
There are many different products on the market for keeping your slide lubricated. Amongst the oils, creams, sprays, and other products, there are waves of advice covering each one. Each type has its pros and [...]

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Tips for Playing in Tune
By Kyle M Bagley
Playing in tune is one of the most important things for any musician to focus on while playing. A brass player who plays out of tune will inevitably sound bad, no matter how good their [...]

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Thoughts on “The State of American Orchestras” and What We Can Do About It
By Kyle M Bagley
This was originally drafted as a comment on Raquel’s fantastic article titled “The State of American Orchestras”, though its length quickly lent itself to a response post. Please read Raquel’s article here and comment on [...]

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Brass Bands and Musicians at New Orleans JazzFest 2011
By Kyle M Bagley
Last week I took my first journey to one of the most exciting places I’ve been. New Orleans, LA, often called “The Birthplace of Jazz” or “The Big Easy” is still a brewing pot of [...]

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3 Rehearsal Techniques for Double Tonguing
By Kyle M Bagley
Brass players use double tonguing to play notes faster than a normal articulation will allow, incorporating the syllable “ka” from the middle of the tongue. Many players incorporate double tongue exercises in their daily practice [...]

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How to Prepare for Studio Recording
By Kyle M Bagley
Playing for a studio recording is a whole different animal for a brass player than playing for practice or live performance. No matter what genre you are playing, many considerations must be made while preparing [...]

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