Paul Emmett
Paul Emmett
I am a professional trombone specialist and multi-instrumentalist (brass instruments, piano and tenor), teacher, composer and arranger and musical director.

Originally from Kent, in the U.K., but moved to Saudi Arabia when I was 9 and was introduced to the trombone.

When I moved back to England in 1998 to continue my education I carried on playing the trombone at the King's School in Grantham and was involved in many different ensembles within the Lincolnshire Music Service.

Previously I worked in financial services, and added in extra musical work including private teaching, directing of a variety of ensembles and choirs, and performing with a number of bands, orchestras and ensembles.

In April 2010 I was finally at the point where I could justify giving up my full time (now part-time) job, and became a professional musician.

I have now been working exclusively as a musician for just over a year now, and it has been the best decision of my professional career.
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Carol Jarvis – Interview
By Paul Emmett
Carol Jarvis – Introduction: What is your name? Carol Jarvis How old are you? 33 Where do you live? Good question! I have a house near London and a house in Cheshire… both! Carol Jarvis [...]

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Paul Emmett – Interview
By Paul Emmett
Okay – so I’m going to get the ball rolling and interview myself! Bit strange – I kept having to swap chairs and ended up getting a little bit dizzy, but I got there in [...]

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