Raquel Jimenez
Raquel Jimenez
I am a classically trained hornist and graduate of the New England Conservatory in Boston, MA.

I'm interested in wide-ranging cultural, educational and community engagement arts issues and initiatives (think jazz fusion ensembles, Balkan Brass Bands, the arts and educational research group Project Zero, and the El Sistema movement).

I'm an El Sistema USA staff member, and am pleased to say that I am seeing newly formed El Sistema-inspired programs begin to blossom in communities across the country.

Come this fall I will be pursuing further studies at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where I will be building (with the help of caffeine) a foundation in arts based research and continuing my involvement in the growth and development of the El Sistema movement in the United States.
Articles by Raquel Jimenez
Review of “Dudamel: Let the Children Play”
By Raquel Jimenez
Product of El Sistema As Gustavo relays childhood memories of conducting an orchestra assembled from toys while growing up in the barrios of Barquisimeto, it is not difficult to realize the incredible opportunity afforded to [...]

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Announcement: Orchestral Excerpt Library for Brass Musicians
By Raquel Jimenez
Attention Brass Musicians! As you may have already noticed, we’ve recently added an Excerpt Library to the BrassMusician.com site. We’re excited to host orchestral excerpts from the trumpet, horn, trombone and tuba repertoire and are [...]

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Don’t Miss “Dudamel: Let the Children Play” Premiere Event!
By Raquel Jimenez
Beginning with just eleven children in a garage in Caracas, Jose Antonio Abreu’s passion for music and dedication to children and community service now engages hundreds of thousands of youth in over a hundred and [...]

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The State of American Orchestras: A Case Study in Syracuse
By Raquel Jimenez
I’ve been reading articles, blogs and points of view from pundits, board members and administrators on the state of American orchestras. Not because it’s fun and exciting reading material, but because American orchestras seem to [...]

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Shop Talk: The low-down on instrument repair & maintenance
By Raquel Jimenez
Here’s hoping that there are at least a few people out there that are as mystified by instrument repair as I am. I’ve never been a gadget person and when it comes to repairs, I [...]

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Raquel Jimenez – BrassMusician
By Raquel Jimenez
Disclaimer: I am not a member of Genghis Barbie. Yes I’m female and yes I play horn, but for better or for worse the similarities end there! I am a classically trained hornist and graduate [...]

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