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How to write program notes
By James Boldin Most music students will at one time or another need to write their own program notes, but this useful skill often goes overlooked in an undergraduate curriculum.  The ability to write and [...]

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How to string rotary valves on the french horn
A video by James Boldin, assistant professor of horn at the University of Louisiana at [...]

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How To Bounce Back From Rejection or Failure
Disappointment is a part of life, and it’s a big part of being a musician. Maybe you blow an audition, or choke on a recital, or make a blatant mistake during a concert. Maybe your [...]

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How to fit practice into a busy day
The quandary This is a very straight forward tip but it has taken me years to grasp that it is essential if I am to keep playing to the level I want to! Like many [...]

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How to prepare for a gig
So here’s a brief rundown – in 7 points – of the prep you should do before a gig. Give some wiggle room as some require different dress, or instruments. Regardless, there are some things [...]

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How to locate key-centre areas in jazz
We are going to look at a little bit of theory in this article. Nothing heavy, just simplifying a standard tune with the following 3 tips. Locating key centres in jazz. 1. What is a [...]

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How to Prepare for Tour
A working brass player fulfills many roles in the modern music scene. Many players will be studio musicians and touring artists for one group on top of being a private teacher, solo performer, or composer [...]

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How to get into a world class Brass Band
1. Are you good enough? This might be a daft question, but it is probably the most important one to ask before we go any further. There are hundreds, maybe thousands of brass bands all [...]

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How To Get Valve Oil Out Of Your Clothing
How many times have you been oiling your valves when — splat — a big drop lands right in the middle of your khakis; or you hold your horn under your arm for a moment, [...]

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How to be a better second chair performer
By Bruce Chidester Many years ago I visited with a great trumpet player at North Texas State. His name was Larry Ford. Larry, unfortunately passed away at a very early age and we who knew [...]

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