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How to prepare for a pit show
This is similar in nature to the ‘how to prepare for a gig’ post, with a couple other anecdotes and some more specific requirements. How to prepare for a pit show. Have you ever had [...]

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How to Leadpipe Buzz on the trumpet
Leadpipe buzzing is beneficial as a means to find a resonance in your tone as well as to locate the feel when slotting a pitch. Here are 7 simple steps: 1. Remove your tuning slide [...]

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How to get your children started in British Brass Bands
1. You’ll need an instrument! First things first, there are lots of Brass Bands all around the world playing at all levels of musical proficiency. Only the very top bands have their own really decent [...]

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How to breathe, with Greg Spence
Breathing for the trumpet is a little more involved than breathing to stay alive.  When you understand how the instrument works, you will discover that using the elasticity of the body after a full breath [...]

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How to Prepare for Studio Recording
Playing for a studio recording is a whole different animal for a brass player than playing for practice or live performance. No matter what genre you are playing, many considerations must be made while preparing [...]

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How to survive as a brass player in tough economic times: bartering
By Bruce Chidester – Few of us remember much if anything about the Depression (the real Depression) and the word bartering may not be one we use today in casual conversations, but you might [...]

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This is a short “how to” detailing what you need to do to replace the fancy Selmer water key [...]

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How to practice
By Jeff Purtle How often have you heard that someone is a great instrumentalist because they are a “natural” and that “naturals” are rare? That is not true! Playing a brass instrument is easy [...]

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