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Musical heroes?
By Jessica Ducharme I have been giving the idea of having a “musical hero” a lot of thought recently. What is a hero or heroine really? A hero/heroine can be defined as: A person who [...]

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The Lost Art of Improvisation
Origins Musicians have been improvising for as long as there has been music. When prehistoric man first banged on a makeshift drum, or blew down a hollowed out bone with holes in it, he had [...]

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The tortured artist & “Art is a lie.”
Being a response to some statements taken from interviews by notable alternative rock and pop musicians Thom Yorke (of Radiohead) and Lady Gaga, my commentary relies on a few of their words to make its [...]

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World Cup Thoughts
Author’s Note: I actually wrote the following post while watching the men’s World Cup tournament in South Africa last year, but as the final match of the women’s World Cup in Germany has just been, [...]

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The Art of Performance: Traditions and Adaptations for the Classical Musician
By Joe Young I often forget that simply discussing music with other musicians brings me great joy. Today I found myself discussing what makes performances successful and worthwhile in our ever-changing society and culture. The [...]

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In With The Old
As brass musicians, we often lament our short history, and the supposed corresponding deficiency of old music and instruments, particularly when compared to that of strings, piano, and even woodwinds. “They have hundreds of years [...]

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Thoughts on “The State of American Orchestras” and What We Can Do About It
This was originally drafted as a comment on Raquel’s fantastic article titled “The State of American Orchestras”, though its length quickly lent itself to a response post. Please read Raquel’s article here and comment on [...]

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The State of American Orchestras: A Case Study in Syracuse
I’ve been reading articles, blogs and points of view from pundits, board members and administrators on the state of American orchestras. Not because it’s fun and exciting reading material, but because American orchestras seem to [...]

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Brass Bands and Musicians at New Orleans JazzFest 2011
Last week I took my first journey to one of the most exciting places I’ve been. New Orleans, LA, often called “The Birthplace of Jazz” or “The Big Easy” is still a brewing pot of [...]

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Time to look at jazz with a fresh pair of eyes: Part 2
6. The controversial bit! Clearly there are a large number of very, very talented Jazz musicians out there today, releasing innovative albums, doing gigs, making money and making their fans very happy. I love listening [...]

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