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Brass Clinic:  Developing a Beautiful Brass Sound
  This discussion was developed for horn students, but works well for all brass.  Sound is the first thing we notice and the last thing we remember about any performance.  Tone is the most important [...]

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Physical fitness for brass players
A regular (or semi-regular) fitness routine can be very helpful for brass players, whether it be running, swimming, biking, or some kind of light weight training combined with aerobic exercise. Listed below are what I [...]

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Practice journals
On a recent trip back home to NC I found an old practice journal from my first year in college.  Looking back through this notebook was really kind of fun, and got me thinking about [...]

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Three Bad Habits to Break as a Beginning Brass Player
As beginning players form the skills necessary to play brass instruments, they can get into a range of bad habits, that if go unfixed, can lead to serious playing problems later in their career. It [...]

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Tips for Practicing With a Metronome
Why Use A Metronome? Using a metronome to keep the beat while you practice can benefit your playing in many ways. The most important reason is that its always right. Musicians, even the best musicians, [...]

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Record your lessons
Get great deals on the Zoom H4n portable digital recorder Lately I’ve been listening to some of my lessons from graduate school, specifically the two years spent working on my master’s degree with Doug Hill [...]

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Performance Practice – Turns
With the exception of trills, turns are probably the most encountered ornament in horn music – think of Kopprasch and Maxime-Alphonse, to name a few. Many excellent resources deal with the performance of both turns [...]

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Learning to listen
Strong listening skills are extremely important for both performers and educators. Try some of the following exercises to aid in developing your ability to listen actively. You can practice active listening almost anywhere, and the [...]

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Which note should I start my trills on?
Just imagine – you’ve spent countless hours practicing your lip trills, starting slowly and speeding up, and practicing “flips” so that you can begin a trill immediately – you are now ready to play these [...]

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Performing solo: Where do you stand?
Based on the title, you might think that this post would involve some sort of philosophical discussion about the nature of playing solos…actually it’s much more literal than that.  Knowing where to stand (or sit) [...]

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