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Pentatonic or Gin and Tonic?
Definitely partial to gin and cranberry juice with a slice of lime; it tastes like a Christmas tree. Don’t ask! Anyway.. We will be dealing with the major and minor pentatonic in this article. Five [...]

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How to Prepare for Tour
A working brass player fulfills many roles in the modern music scene. Many players will be studio musicians and touring artists for one group on top of being a private teacher, solo performer, or composer [...]

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An introduction to chords
Brass players (of any genre) should learn chords; it is not just for guitarists, pianists, composers or jazz musicians. Theory first, application second. An introduction to chords – theory I like naming these ‘chords’ as [...]

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Body tension in brass playing
By Eddie Lewis What is “Body Tension” and how does it affect brass playing? Opposing Muscle Groups Body tension is caused when opposing muscle groups are contracted simultaneously. An easy example to use to show [...]

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4 Tips for Brass Playing in Hot Weather
Performing at your very best is challenging even in optimal conditions. Adding extreme heat to the equation can throw anyone off their game. Whether you’re playing an outdoor concert, the national anthem at a ballgame, [...]

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How to prepare for a pit show
This is similar in nature to the ‘how to prepare for a gig’ post, with a couple other anecdotes and some more specific requirements. How to prepare for a pit show. Have you ever had [...]

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Melodic Flexibility: An easier way to better playing
By Bruce Chidester When something is accepted as new, others may point out that this revolutionary concept has been around for decades. With this in mind, I would like to say that what I am [...]

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Tips for Playing in Tune
Playing in tune is one of the most important things for any musician to focus on while playing. A brass player who plays out of tune will inevitably sound bad, no matter how good their [...]

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3 Rehearsal Techniques for Double Tonguing
Brass players use double tonguing to play notes faster than a normal articulation will allow, incorporating the syllable “ka” from the middle of the tongue. Many players incorporate double tongue exercises in their daily practice [...]

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Stage Presence
Stage presence, and the larger issue of representing oneself as an artist, are two things which I think definitely should be covered as part of a musician’s education. However, this education doesn’t always have to [...]

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