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Tips for Playing in Tune
Playing in tune is one of the most important things for any musician to focus on while playing. A brass player who plays out of tune will inevitably sound bad, no matter how good their [...]

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3 Rehearsal Techniques for Double Tonguing
Brass players use double tonguing to play notes faster than a normal articulation will allow, incorporating the syllable “ka” from the middle of the tongue. Many players incorporate double tongue exercises in their daily practice [...]

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Stage Presence
Stage presence, and the larger issue of representing oneself as an artist, are two things which I think definitely should be covered as part of a musician’s education. However, this education doesn’t always have to [...]

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7 & 5?
Sergei has been described as the “Paganini of the trumpet”. He is one of the greatest masters of the instrument to ever have lived and I urge you to listen to his recordings and concerts. [...]

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Section playing #3: Commercial horns
The Tower horn section lay is down. Tight, balanced; even the singing is in tune!! “Iron” Mike Bogart – Trumpet and Trombone Adolfo Acosta – Trumpet Emilio Castillo – Tenor Sax Doc Kupka – [...]

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Pounding pain in the back of the brain
By Bruce Chidester, Professor Emeritus University of Northern Iowa, and owner of Recently I was asked if I had ever experienced a momentary shot of pain to the back of my head after releasing [...]

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The diaphragm and some common misconceptions
By Dave Vinning This is an excellent video that clearly shows the following: 1. The diaphragm is connected to the lowest rib coming off the sternum (there are 2 floating ribs below this point). 2. [...]

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Hang with… Jim Manley
Here are a couple of famous “trumpet hang, high note, impromptu lesson” clips. Jim Manley hanging with the incredible Brian MacDonald and talking about his use of air and playing. Warning, there are doubles and [...]

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Section playing #1: Big band trumpet
I am writing a series of short articles on what I believe to be good section playing in many contexts, and as I have stumbled upon some fabulous big band clips today, I shall start [...]

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Know your limitations
Know your limitations By Michael Barkley: Playing a brass instrument requires an air pressure to be generated, and when we tense up and over-blow it is inevitable that we invite the valsalva manoeuvre in which we [...]

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