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Claude Gordon’s Approach
by Jeff Purtle: Why did so many people come from so far away to study with Claude Gordon? What made him unique? Why do so many people owe their careers to this man’s teaching? [...]

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Solo horns in movie filmscores
By James Boldin Bruce Hembd’s great series on Horn-tastic TV Themes at Horn Matters got me thinking about all the amazing horn solos in movie soundtracks.  There are too many to list in this post, [...]

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How to string rotary valves on the french horn
A video by James Boldin, assistant professor of horn at the University of Louisiana at [...]

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The Feldenkrais Method
A while back I posted on the potential benefits of the Alexander Technique for horn playing, and as a follow up this post will consider the Feldenkrais Method, or as it is known today, The [...]

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Chord intonation
I picked up a great one page handout showing exactly where each note of a chord needs to be in order to be perfectly in tune according to just intonation. The handout is constructed to [...]

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Performance Practice – Turns
With the exception of trills, turns are probably the most encountered ornament in horn music – think of Kopprasch and Maxime-Alphonse, to name a few. Many excellent resources deal with the performance of both turns [...]

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The Horn Handbook: Quotes
Get the book here! One reference text I keep coming back to is The Horn Handbook, by Verne Reynolds. One of my favorite chapters is the last one, “Teaching the Horn.” Below are some of [...]

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Alexander Technique and Horn Playing
The Alexander Technique is just one among several mind/body disciplines which can be of great benefit to performing musicians. Having had personal experience with Alexander Technique, I thought it would make a good blog topic. [...]

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Performing solo: Where do you stand?
Based on the title, you might think that this post would involve some sort of philosophical discussion about the nature of playing solos…actually it’s much more literal than that.  Knowing where to stand (or sit) [...]

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Hang with… Bruce Adams
By Michael Barkley Bruce is a really special player and person – a gentle giant. I was lucky enough to hang with him at his house, and get the recording that I am going to [...]

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