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Scott Wendholt, Microcosm For Two transcription – free download!
The solo of Scott’s that I have transcribed (found below) is from a superb album called “Unearth” by a leading modern jazz guitarist, Jonathan Kreisberg. Scott plays some wonderful solos on this album, which is [...]

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Playing changes with… Terell Stafford
This is another video in the “playing changes with” series. Some classy post bop playing from Terell in this video. I had the privilege of meeting Terell, and he is a kind, funny and personable [...]

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Trombone Slide Care and Products
There are many different products on the market for keeping your slide lubricated. Amongst the oils, creams, sprays, and other products, there are waves of advice covering each one. Each type has its pros and [...]

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Playing changes with… Chris Potter
Chris Potter has been called the successor to the late John Coltrane – listening to this video I am sure you can appreciate why. His phrasing, harmonic ideas and activity not to mention the incredible [...]

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How to Leadpipe Buzz on the trumpet
Leadpipe buzzing is beneficial as a means to find a resonance in your tone as well as to locate the feel when slotting a pitch. Here are 7 simple steps: 1. Remove your tuning slide [...]

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Starting a Student Brass Quintet (For Teachers): Part 2 of 2
Budgets being what they are, your resources for starting a quintet are likely limited. In order to keep things practical, I’ve come up with five areas that I feel a quintet should work on, and [...]

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Starting a Student Brass Quintet (For Teachers): Part 1 of 2
A crucial component of a musical education is participation in chamber music. Whether this be a brass or woodwind quintet, a jazz combo, a trumpet trio, a tuba ensemble, or something else, there is so [...]

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BandMix: Giving musicians a new way to connect, the leading musician classifieds network, is proud to announce the release of ‘Digital Auditions’, a new feature allowing musicians to quickly locate and connect with matching local talent. Just a few clicks With a [...]

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How to breathe, with Greg Spence
Breathing for the trumpet is a little more involved than breathing to stay alive.  When you understand how the instrument works, you will discover that using the elasticity of the body after a full breath [...]

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Shop Talk: The low-down on instrument repair & maintenance
Here’s hoping that there are at least a few people out there that are as mystified by instrument repair as I am. I’ve never been a gadget person and when it comes to repairs, I [...]

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