Ear training games for students

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By Steve Myers

Theta Music Technologies has unveiled a series of new online games to help music students hone their skills.

Two of the new games, Dango Brothers and Speed Pitch, are designed to help students sharpen their sense of pitch and intonation. The third game, Number Blaster, helps students acquire a basic grasp of numbers as they pertain to scale degrees and chord roman numerals.

For teachers and students

The games contain several features for music teachers, including online assignment and grade book capability, allowing teachers to create homework assignments for ear training practice and view the results of each student’s game play. Students can find and complete their assignments online and receive feedback from the teacher.


The games from Theta Music are available in English, Japanese, and Spanish. More language translations are planned for future releases.

To find out more about how games from Theta Music Technologies can help you and your students, visit http://trainer.thetamusic.com

What do you think about using online games to help students learn about music?

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