How to breathe, with Greg Spence

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Breathing for the trumpet is a little more involved than breathing to stay alive.  When you understand how the instrument works, you will discover that using the elasticity of the body after a full breath will really make playing a lot easier and far more efficient.

Lesson 1 – The Backswing

By Greg Spence:

Most people are limited when it comes to Range, Endurance and Flexibility because they strain their body trying to force far too much energy into the instrument.

The BackSwing is the first step in re-training the body so that every time you go to play a note, you will have the right amount of energy in the body.

A shallow breath means you need to push and force air.  A deep breath allows you to RELEASE compression without have to force as described above.

Repeat the BackSwing several times every day before you practise or perform.  Eventually breathing correctly will become habit!


Until Lesson 2, enjoy playing the trumpet and make each practise session positive and musical. Greg


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