Jazz trombone exercises

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Trombone neonBy Anders Larson.

One of the reasons that many jazz trombone players use the higher range a lot is simply that the notes are positioned closer and you are more agile.

Yes, it takes some more chops to play around up there, but the reward is that you can play melodic lines lighter and more precise, and get rid some of the clumsyness that the trombone struggles with in the lower range.

These scale exercises take this to the extreme. They are based on very alternate positions, and are almost impossible to play in perfect tune. It is a hard way to play a scale in a normal tempo, but when you increase the speed, you can actually get the sound of the whole scale while playing a glissando against the grain. It is really good for the chops as well, building up strength and high range.

Only use tongued attack on the first note of each exercise, and let the rest be natural legato.

Try them, and enjoy the sound of total lack of intonation in an extreme range! Sounds fun, right?

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Scales without tonguingScales without tonguing 2

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