Limited Edition Maynard Ferguson Prints

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By John Barclay:

As with many other trumpet players, Maynard Ferguson was my idol. While I could not play like Maynard, (who can) I was able to annoy my parents numerous times playing along with Macarthur Park and other Ferguson favorites when I was in High School.

I saw Maynard many times live, however, my last concert turned out to be a memorable one. It was at my local high school where he often played when in town. At that time I had just purchased my first professional DSLR camera. I borrowed a friend’s monopod not wanting to set up a tripod in the auditorium, sat in the front row and snapped away.

When I got home and looked at the images, I had no idea what to do. I was not proficient in Photoshop at that time and the images needed some work. Six months later after taking some classes I had learned what to do.

I pulled up the concert images and was quite surprised at what I had. I posted one of the images on a photo website and was surprised to get a note the next day telling me Maynard had passed away the night before!

Many including Jeff Lashway (Maynard’s piano player) made very nice comments about the image. I decided to make contact with his agent and offered the images I had from that night.

About a month later they organized a tribute concert and used my image for the concert poster and stage passes. Of course I was thrilled. Three months later Ed Sargent, Maynard’s tour manager called to ask if they could use my image for the cover of what would be Maynard’s last album. He had finished “The One And Only Maynard Ferguson” just three weeks before he died. Of course I agreed to let them use it.

Being part of a Maynard Ferguson album is more that I could have ever hoped for. It is an honor to be associated albeit in a small way with Maynard’s legacy.

Because Maynard gave so much to the music community, especially the youth, I decided to create a limited edition signed and numbered print of the image that was used for the album cover.

As a tribute to Maynard’s generosity, I am giving $50.00 from each sale to the Maynard Ferguson Scholarship fund.

You can see the prints in more detail by clicking the image below:

Maynard Ferguson Limited Edition Print

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