Mahler Symphony #2 – Leonard Bernstein – London Symphony Orchestra

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Leonard BernsteinHere is the complete live performance of Mahler’s 2nd Symphony at the Edinburgh Festival in 1974, performed by the LSO with Bernstein conducting. Thanks to tokkemon for the upload!!!

Members of the brass section on this recording include Howard Snell and John Fletcher.

Does anyone know the names of the other players in the section?

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8 Responses to “Mahler Symphony #2 – Leonard Bernstein – London Symphony Orchestra”

  1. Andy says:

    OH MY GOD, I JUST PEED. Lol, jk, but that horns up was INSANE at the end! God, Bernstein conducts with so much empathy! He really feels the orchestra working at the end, and I bet he was dang tired, too! That’s just an incredible ending and a great work of music.

    • Jon says:

      hahaha :D Glad you enjoyed the concert, Andy! :) You’re right – it is an incredible piece of music, played by an incredible orchestra, with an incredible conductor :)

    • Malcolm says:

      The “horns up” is Mahler’s direction, not Bernstein’s addition. Should be done at the start of Mahler 3 as well, and it sounds even better with the German horns that Mahler would have used (and the Vienna Phil still does). I too was at this performance (in Ely Cathedral, not Edinburgh), which was notable for the use of an electronic organ, as the Ely instrument was not up to it! CBS also recorded the symphony with these forces at the time, but in the studio.

      The announcement of the concert also sparked lots of jumping to wrong conclusions in CUMS (the Cambridge University orchestra). We had been told that CUMS was doing Mahler 8 in Ely and London, so with Bernstein coming to Ely at around the same time to do Mahler, it was too easy to jump to the conclusion that he was going to conduct us!

  2. Alan Frank says:

    Although Bernstein conducted it with the LSO at Edinburgh, this concert was actually filmed in Ely Cathedral and I think it was 1973 not 1974.

  3. Chris says:

    I watched a dvd of the concert last night for the first time…although a Mahler fan,and have spent a good deal of time in Ely Cathedral, I had no idea this concert had taken place on my doorstep…almost like seeing Mahler himself in action I like to think…..My dvd also features no.1 with Bernstein conducting at the concert houae in Vienna 1974…..

  4. Craig says:

    The principal trombonist is the great Dennis Wick who also played the same part in Solti’s LSO recording on Decca from the early 1960s.

  5. Andy Hume says:

    I *think* Malcolm Smith ( is also playing trumpet, on Howard’s left.

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