Maurice Murphy – an anecdote by Terry Johns

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maurice murphyOn the 28th of October 2010, the brass playing world lost a legend: Maurice Murphy – former principal trumpet of the London Symphony Orchestra (1977 – 2007) and principal/lead trumpet in many blockbuster films, such as Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark, and countless others.

What we do have though, apart from the many amazing recordings where Maurice can be heard, is stories and anectodes from his friends and colleagues.

Here is a short anectode from horn player Terry Johns:

At a pre- opening party in the roof garden for the opening of the Barbican, Maurice, myself, Malcolm Hall Eric Crees and John Fletcher were playing brass quintets to entertain a huge crowd of famous people while they drank their Champagne.

We’d been playing for what seemed like hours when Edward Heath and David Jacobs strolled up to the bandstand .”Sounds awfully good”, Ted Heath said, with his trademark grin.

“It’d sound even better if we ‘ad a ******* drink”, Maurice shot back at him, and we started the next number, which was as I remember a siily arrangement of William Tell. When we got to the galop I saw out of the corner of my eye, the sight I’ve never forgotten, and that always comes to me when I think of Maurice.

There walking through the parting crowd of people was the ex Prime Minister, carrying a tray with three bottles of Cordon Rouge champagne, followed by David Jacobs and a tray with five glasses.

Maurice treated everybody the same way, and everybody loved him.

Terry Johns’ website is:

Maurice Murphy youtube symphony orchestra trumpet masterclass:

The opening to Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

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