Purtle Brass Camp 2011 at Anderson University (SC., USA) and online!

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purtle brass camp 2011WHAT? Purtle Brass Camp 2011

WHERE? Anderson University, South Carolina (USA) and Online

WHEN? July 7-9, 2011

More Info: http://www.purtle.com/brass-camp.html

Purtle.com Brass Camp (PbC) is a modern version of the Claude Gordon Camps of the past with use of technology not available previously. The focus is to give people something they normally couldn’t learn in college and would only learn from professional experience. The success of Harry Kim and Susan Slaughter (PbC 2010) are incomparable. The wisdom they imparted at PbC 2010 already has inspired people to start new music groups and events. The techniques taught already have resulted in several participants hitting their first Double High Cs within weeks after the camp and everyone has experienced more ease in their playing.

Jeff Purtle’s presentations will be on Claude Gordon’s teachings and using practice routines to solve specific playing problems, and applying these ideas to non-trumpet players too. There will be some never seen computer animations to make the points clearer.

There will be a recording session as part of Harry Kim’s lecture on marking and stylizing horn parts. Those that register early will get to play with Harry in the studio and make a CD with the others watching from the lecture hall, giving everyone the same experience.

Carl Lenthe, who is a well known trombone soloist and orchestral player, will do a solo masterclass that will be appropriate for players of any level. He will use material from his recording of Concert and Contest Collection, published by Hal Leonard. Those solos plus others will be used in the masterclass and his concert. Those that register early will be able to play in Carl’s masterclass.

Harry will also be doing an improvisation workshop on Thursday to go along with the Jam Session that night. A professional trio is being hired to accompany those that want to play at the Jam Session. The other backup musicians as fantastic, with a band complete with Latin percussion for Harry’s concert and an amazing Classical pianist accompanying Carl Lenthe.

What also sets this event apart is the hospitality and amount of personal contact people have with the guest artists. How often do you get to talk with players of this level? PbC 2011 will add a catered BBQ and Jam Session on the first night so that everyone quickly becomes friends, eating and playing together.

Other guest speakers include Dr. Larry Miller, M.D. presenting about the diaphragmatic breathing fallacy and his experience as a cardiovascular surgeon and research on the topic. Dr. Keith Amstutz will talk about Col. Earl Irons and his teaching. Rich Ita, an expert on antique brass, will talk about repairs and maintenance and have his antique instruments to play and buy.

There will be a live interview with Arturo Sandoval over FaceTime. Philippe Schartz, who is principal trumpet for the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, is planning on coming from the UK, but might also appear via FaceTime if he is in a recording session for an upcoming solo album.

Manufacturers with have tables of professional brass instruments to be played, creating something not found at any music store.

Another first this year will be Anderson University offering college credit that can be applied to a new online Masters of Music Education degree. This event is for players of all ages and levels and educators too.

Anderson University, South Carolina (USA) and Online – July 7-9, 2011
More Info: http://www.purtle.com/brass-camp.html

Jeff Purtle (Host) – Claude Gordon’s Teachings

Featured Artists:
Harry Kim (Founder of Vine Street Horns)
Carl Lenthe (Indiana University)

Guest Speakers:
Dr. Larry Miller, M.D. – The Diaphragm Breathing Fallacy
Dr. Keith Amstutz – Earl Irons’ life and teaching
Rich Ita – Brass Repair and Maintenance
Arturo Sandoval – Interview over FaceTime
Philippe Schartz from the BBC

Jam Session and catered BBQ (Thursday night)
Carl Lenthe Concert (Friday Night)
Harry Kim Concert (Saturday Night)
Harry Kim Recording Session/Lecture
Carl Lenthe Solo Masterclass
Graduate Credit Available
Vendors of Professional Instruments

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