Section playing #3: Commercial horns

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The Tower horn section lay is down. Tight, balanced; even the singing is in tune!!

  • “Iron” Mike Bogart – Trumpet and Trombone
  • Adolfo Acosta – Trumpet
  • Emilio Castillo – Tenor Sax
  • Doc Kupka – Baritone Sax
  • Norbert Stachel – Tenor Sax

Why does this sound so tight?

1. They listen to each other (for tuning, balance, time).

2. They have practised and performed it many, many times!

3. They phrase appropriately and musically.

4. Their articulation is snappy and appropriate to the quaver/semi-quaver (8th/16th) off beats and syncopations.

5. This isn’t a one man show; they aren’t trying to out scream each other (tedious), just nailing the part.

6. They produce a sound which is suitable to the style of music; bright, projecting, commanding.

7. “Doc” Kupka. Yep, the bari is laying down the law; propelling the whole section, and they are listening to him!

2 Responses to “Section playing #3: Commercial horns”

  1. Jon Gorrie says:

    Catchy tune warning: I listened through to this clip again 3 days ago – it’s still going around in my head! :)

  2. Likewise, Jon! I listen to that several times a week!

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