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Physical fitness for brass players
A regular (or semi-regular) fitness routine can be very helpful for brass players, whether it [...]

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Practice journals
On a recent trip back home to NC I found an old practice journal from [...]

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The Feldenkrais Method
A while back I posted on the potential benefits of the Alexander Technique for horn [...]

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Chord intonation
I picked up a great one page handout showing exactly where each note of a [...]

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Performance Practice – Turns
With the exception of trills, turns are probably the most encountered ornament in horn music [...]

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The Horn Handbook: Quotes
Get the book here! One reference text I keep coming back to is The Horn [...]

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Learning to listen
Strong listening skills are extremely important for both performers and educators. Try some of the [...]

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Alexander Technique and Horn Playing
The Alexander Technique is just one among several mind/body disciplines which can be of great [...]

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Which note should I start my trills on?
Just imagine – you’ve spent countless hours practicing your lip trills, starting slowly and speeding [...]

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Performing solo: Where do you stand?
Based on the title, you might think that this post would involve some sort of [...]

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