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How To Bounce Back From Rejection or Failure
Disappointment is a part of life, and it’s a big part of being a musician. [...]

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Music of the sun recorded by scientists
Astronomers at the University of Sheffield have managed to record for the first time the [...]

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The tortured artist & “Art is a lie.”
Being a response to some statements taken from interviews by notable alternative rock and pop [...]

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The Art of Performance: Traditions and Adaptations for the Classical Musician
By Joe Young I often forget that simply discussing music with other musicians brings me [...]

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My Pianist, the Cat
I am finally getting around to the topic of aesthetics, opinion, and in fact (partly) [...]

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Am I Biased?
There is no slow way to answer this question as it is very simple; I [...]

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Vision, Artistry and Music
I have recently been thinking about deeper meanings in music; how abstract playing an instrument [...]

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