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Practice journals
On a recent trip back home to NC I found an old practice journal from [...]

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Tips for Practicing With a Metronome
Why Use A Metronome? Using a metronome to keep the beat while you practice can [...]

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How to Prepare for Tour
A working brass player fulfills many roles in the modern music scene. Many players will [...]

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3 Rehearsal Techniques for Double Tonguing
Brass players use double tonguing to play notes faster than a normal articulation will allow, [...]

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7 & 5?
Sergei has been described as the “Paganini of the trumpet”. He is one of the [...]

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Charlie Parker interview
Bird shedded. A LOT. I hope this makes you feel as humble as it makes [...]

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How to practice
By Jeff Purtle http://www.purtle.com How often have you heard that someone is a great instrumentalist [...]

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