The Po’Boys Brass Band Launches Kickstarter Campaign

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Hey Po’Fans!

We’re finally releasing our new album! And we’re doing it independently. This is cool because we are no longer encumbered by the demands of a record label who seeks to restrict us artistically and financially. The problem is we need funding to pull it off!

Enter Kickstarter

We truly live in a new music business. Record labels no longer act as the gatekeepers for the industry- telling you who to listen to with mind only for profit. It’s truly you -the fan- who holds the power nowadays.

This project is awesome. We truly believe this new album is something unique- we’re taking the funky brass band genre and truly exploring the boundaries of what can be accomplished. We have funk, rock, jazz, ska, gospel, and a Zappa tribute that will blow you away. But without your help we can’t make it happen.


The cost of funding this project is roughly $3,500. We’re only asking you to help us reach $2,000, but every cent over the $2,000 mark will go toward promotion, manufacturing costs, website development, and other tools to help us get this music out there.

Hey, but we’re not greedy! We’re going to give you tons of cool prizes for helping us out. We have everything from bumper stickers to private concerts! You can come hang out with the band, or even be involved with the album release process through exclusive updates behind-the-scenes. Trust us, you’re not gonna want to miss these videos!

The best fans in the world!

The bottom line is we think we have the best fans in the world. We know everybody says that, but we truly believe it. And we know that without you the idea of this album would never be a possibility.

Here’s a link to the Kickstarter Page:

To learn more info about the PBBB, visit at our website:

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