Trumpet Power Play

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Joachim KunzeJoachim Kunze has written a new book called “Trumpet Power Play”.

Joachim is from Germany. Here is his bio, translated into English:

Joachim Kunze (*1966)
trumpet, flugelhorn, didgeridoo, composer

At the age of seven everything started with the choir of trombones. When he was 15 years old, Joachim Kunze already played the trumpet in various dance- and brass-bands. In constant intention to develop himself he met Malte Burba in Frankfurt. At the same time he also came into contact with jazz and big-band-music.

In 1987 he started his studies in Mainz at Malte Burba. In this time he was active in classical orchestras and solo-literature. But he felt more drawn towards jazz, which could offer him more chances of creation and expression. 
So he was playing the leading-trumpet with many big-bands in the area of Frankfurt – so called Rhein-Main-Area, with different jazz-companies, some funk- and rock-bands, as for instance between 1995 to 2000 with the famous Hessian Rockband „Rodgau Monotones“.

In 1997 after having created a jazz-brass-quintet – together with Jürgen Roth – the idea of „a little big-band“ hasn’t got out of his mind: He wanted to use the whole sound-spectrum of a trumpet, to have a lot of space for improvisation and the necessary basics for the high-note-interludes.

Kunze started to arrange two of his compositions for two saxophones, three trumpets, trombone, percussion, bass and piano. In autumn 2004 he met selected musicians for recording. Impressed by the great result, he arranged more pieces with great enthusiasm. In autumn 2006 the first CD „Let’s swunk“ has been released.

Here’s a video about Trumpet Power Play:

And a link to order it:

What are your impressions about Trumpet Power Play?

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